Palermo Life: street food tour , art and traditions

  • Duration: 4h
  • Days: every day
  • Meeting point: Piazza Verdi in front of the Teatro Massimo
  • Language: Italian, English, French
  • Path: on foot
  • Participants: minimum 4
  • Cost per person: starting from € 35
  • Included: entrance tickets to the church of the Immaculate Conception and 2 street food tastings

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Street Food tour, art and traditions: Short description


Experiential tour to get in direct contact with the life of the city, the craft and culinary traditions and some social realities that characterize it.
An authorized tourist guide, a real lover of art and her city, will let you know know the true Palermo, made of art but also of people, food and different social realities.


Leading you through some of the city’s main sites, such as historic markets, and some of the excellences art that the city guards, the guide will make you discover legends, popular rumors, the old artisans and the street food tour that has always united different cultures and populations.


Arancina Street food


What we will do along the route


Leading you through some of the city’s main places, such as the historical markets, and some of the artistic excellence that the city holds, the guide will let you discover legends, popular rumors, the artisans of the past and the food that has always united cultures and populations different.


About Tour

Walking path lasting about 4h. Necessary comfortable shoes, a lot of curiosity and desire to experiment with new foods. 


spleen sandwich recipe

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Tour description Palermo life tour – street food tour


The route winds through the historical markets of the city, animated by the “abbanniate” characteristics of the sellers who try to attract the attention of passersby and evoke the atmosphere of the Arab souks for the fragrances and colors of the goods (fruit, vegetables, meat and fish) arranged in plain sight on the counters along the streets of the market and colorful tents that cover the streets to protect products from the sun and rain.


We will visit the Church of the Immaculate Conception, a Baroque jewel kept within the CAPO market, embellished with marbles typical of the sicilian artistic production


of the seventeenth and eighteenth century. During the journey we will stop in front of shops and workshops where old traditional crafts are still held such as the decorator of Carretti Siciliani and Mastro Puparo.


Sicilian Puppet


Visit to Puparo Vincenzo Argento workshop.
A rarity, a precious treasure of the tangible and intangible heritage of Sicilian folklore, to be protected and promote it to keep alive. We will have the privilege of meeting one of the last Pupari masters, Mr.Argento, keeper of a practice ancient, and witness of “other times” that carries on the family tradition of the Opera dei Pupi, started in 1983 and proclaimed “Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity”, by UNESCO.


Following the visit to Palermo Cathedral, built in 1185 for the will of Archbishop Gualtiero Offamilio and modified several times over the centuries.
For the multi-stratification of architectural elements and decorative features that is proposed as a direct testimony and evocative of the history, which has affected Palermo over the centuries, linked to the passage of the various dominations that arrived in Sicily and left their mark in the symbolic place par excellence of religious power.


We will go to the Ballarò market, the beating heart of the Albergheria district, ready to meet the typical specialties of the Sicilian culinary tradition, and taste the variety of street food that the city offers.




The street food tour route ends at the center of Coworking Moltivolti, a relational space, a place where young entrepreneurs share their work experiences and cooperate together; a place where different working realities interact and plan together, exchanging skills and professionalism for propose a quality service.


Moltivolti is  also a place where taste the recipes from different country,  perfectly integrated of different reality and territory. You ll find the presence of several foreign communities.


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