Palermo Experience, Tour

Palermo Family Tour

  • Duration: 4h
  • Day: Every Day
  • Language: Italian, English, French
  • Path: on foot
  • Participants:  families (minimum 2 adults)
  • Cost per per person: Adults starting from € 45 children starting from € 15
  • Included: explorer’s kit and surprises for children
  • Recommended for families and children from 3 to 10 years

Short description of the Palermo Family Tour

A family-friendly’s tour created by Simona Sciortino; the ideal way to discover the city in a playful and fun way.

An authorized guide who loves her city, art and invent and experiment with new games. She will lead through the streets of the historic center and the most hidden corners telling you curious stories and legends that will fascinate adults and children. During the journey the guide will be assisted by the children, who nominated official explorers of the city, will become the protagonists of the tour by participating in games, riddles … and there will be surprises, prizes and souvenirs to take home.

About Tour

The Explorer Kit
At the beginning of the course each child will receive a badge to be an official explorer of Palermo and a map to identify in the symbols that conceal stories and mysteries.
During the walk as the children pass tests and reveal the secrets of Palermo other items will be delivered that at the end of the route they will form the complete explorer kit.

Description Family Tour

The appointment is in front of the Teatro Massimo, Italy’s largest opera theater built in the nineteenth century by the architect Giovan Battista Filippo Basile, in neoclassical style. The tour continue through the Cape market, characterized by the scents and colors of seasonal products displayed on the counters at beautiful sight evoking the atmosphere of the Arab markets.
Walking through the narrow streets that preserve ancient legends and that keep curious surprises we will arrive in the Cathedral, an expression of religious sentiment and the result of the multi-stratification of styles due to the different foreign dominations that have taken place on the island over the centuries. Visit inside the church.
Along via Vittorio Emanuele we will head towards the Quattro Canti octagonal square designed in 1608 by the Florentine architect Giuseppe Lasso to frame and embellish the most important urban planning project carried out in Palermo in the modern age.

The tour continues to Piazza Pretoria with its fountain, an impressive water machine built by the Tuscan sculptor Francesco Camilliani in the 16th century.

Il tour si conclude a Piazza Sette fate, scopriremo insieme il luogo dove vivevano sette bellissime fate e la loro storia legata ad una leggenda della tradizione popolare.
The tour ends at Piazza Sette fate, we will discover together the place where they lived seven beautiful fairies and their history linked to a legend of the popular tradition.

Simona Sciortino
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