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Tour Monreale Cathedral and Cloister

  • Duration: 4h
  • Language: Italian, English, French
  • Route: by car / bus and on foot
  • Participants: minimum 2 people
  • Cost: starting from € 35

-Not included: entrance tickets to monuments.

Short description of the Tour in Monreale

An authorized tour guide, but especially a lover of art and his city, will guide you inside the richest and most extraordinary Norman buildings of Monreale, illustrating the artistic components and the numerous symbols that characterize them and will lead you among the main squares of the city of Palermo.

What we would do while visiting Monreale Cathedral

You will meet with Simona our tour guide in Palermo or directly in front of the Cathedral of Monreale. He will guide you in purchasing tickets for the visit of the Cathedral of Monreale. You will enter to visit both the Cathedral and the cloister, illustrating in detail the factories that have made the Cathedral a World Heritage Site. Then a short walk through the town of Monreale will conclude the guided tour in Monreale.

Things to know about Monreale Tour

The duration of the entire route is approximately 4h distributed between the visit of the Cathedral and Cloister of Monreale and a walk on foot in the town of Monreale. It is recommended to wear comfortable shoes.

Entrance tickets costs Monreale Duomo Cloister

  • Duomo: Free
  • Cappella Roano: 2.5 €
  • Terraces: 2,5 €
  • Diocesan Museum: € 4
  • Terraces + Roano Chapel: € 4
  • Terraces + Chapel + Cloister (+ Diocesan Museum reduction 1.5): € 10
  • Groups of more than 9 Pax Duomo: € 4
  • For Groups Greater than 9 Pax Duomo + Cloister: 10 €
  • Groups of more than 9 pax cloister: € 6

Description of the guided tour in Monreale

By bus or car we will head to Monreale, a town in the province of Palermo which is located on the slopes of Mount Caputo, 310 m above sea level, and dominates what were once the splendid citrus groves of the Conca d’Oro and the city of Palermo. Visit of the Cathedral, an architectural masterpiece of the Norman age, in which expressions of Islamic, Byzantine and Romanesque culture combine to create one of the highest creations of the Italian Middle Ages.

The visit of the Cathedral of Palermo follows, built in 1185 by the will of Archbishop Gualtiero Offamilio and modified several times over the centuries. For the multi-layering of architectural and decorative elements that characterize it, it is proposed as a direct and evocative testimony of the historical and artistic event that has affected Palermo over the centuries, linked to the passage of the various dominations that arrived in Sicily and that left their mark in the place symbol par excellence of religious power.

From there we will continue on foot through the streets of the historic center and we will reach the Quattro Canti octagonal square designed in 1608 by the Florentine architect Giuseppe Lasso to frame and embellish the most important urban intervention carried out in Palermo in modern times: the cutting of Via Maqueda and the cross of roads that was created between this and via Toledo (current Corso Vittorio Emanuele) at the end of the 16th century.

The route ends in Piazza Pretoria with its Fountain, an imposing water machine built by the Tuscan sculptor Francesco Camilliani, purchased by the Palermitan Senate in 1573 to qualify the square overlooking the Senatorial Palace.

Simona Sciortino
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