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Martorana Church

The Church of Saint Mary of the Admiral known as Martorana, overlooks Bellini Square. It was built in 1143 according to the will of George of Antioch, admiral of king Roger II of Sicily. It has got a centric plan with three apses, covered at the center by an hemispherical dome. It was later annexed to the convent by Goffredo Martorana (1194).

The church represents a true example of stratification and multiplicity of styles over centuries through its numerous demolitions, erections and restorations. The demolitions were carried out to rebuild and embellish the church according to the contemporary style. It was transformed from a Norman-Sicilian style building to a late baroque jewel. It is an emblematic example of trans-cultural and trans-temporal stylistic syncretism. Today, this church and historical monument, is the result of its transformations.

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