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Al Massimo Theater

Made and designed by giovan Baptist Santangelo, engineer trained at the school of Ernesto Basile, the theater is located beside Al Massimo Teatro Massimo in Palermo on a building with a concrete structure in the Art Nouveau style. It has a simple structure with a quadrangular base with the entrance located at the corner of palazo. The interior consists of two level also recall the art nouveau style.

Commissioned by the family bourgeois blond, it was completed in 1924. From that time until alal World War II lived a period of splendor massiomo, since then many theater companies chose him as the first stop for their tour. At the end of the war after a period of depression to become operational in 1977 but was closed due to financial problems of several theater companies. The new life of IMAX began in 1992 after the reopening. From that point on it was a continuous growth, the reality today is private theatrical longer active in Palermo and has about 200,000 viewers per season.

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