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Palazzo delle Aquile

Today is the seat of the municipality. It was built in 1470 by the magistrate Pietro Speciale. It has a rectangular volume and compact features a courtyard in the center of the structure. In 1500 it undergoes various extensions and conversions following the Renaissance style. Between 1615 and 1617 the building was renovated by Mariano Emery and finally, during the restoration, which took place in 1875 by the architect Giuseppe Damiani Almeyda the neoclassical style.
The Council for its current name “Palace of the Eagles”, came to Palermo architect Damiani Almeyda who called him thus, by the emblem of the city reported in numerous specimens inside and outside the building, as the four eagles that look out from the corners of the upper ledge that in marble above the entrance accompanied by a statue of Santa Rosalia (patron saint of the city).
Along the staircase you get to the first floor where we find: the Red Room, the Yellow Room, the Chapel and the Hall of Tombstones where today meets the city council.

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