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Sicilian Food & Traditions

Street food in Palermo

As well as in Sicily food in Palermo it is of great importance, but the Sicilian capital has an edge in this area. During your holiday palerminata, in fact, you will be intoxicated by a lot of smells and flavors, typical of street food city, that will be music to your taste buds, and that will turn your stay in Palermo all the more memorable.

Palermo since its origin has a large range of street food that now characterizes it and which has become part of its cultural heritage. Precisely for this reason you can not leave Palermo without sampling some of its street food. Sicily’s capital thanks to the culinary wealth by road and to tell her through it the history of the rulers of Palermo, was recently listed in fifth place in the ranking of the top ten cities in the world of street food, after Bangkok, Singapore, Penang and Marrakech.

Let’s find these dishes:

Bread ca meusa

“Vastedda” (round bun with sesame seeds) stuffed with pieces of spleen and lung or served simply with lemon or if you want the version “married” with the addition of ricotta and grated cheese.


Set of veal offal boiled first and then fried with lard and seasoned with bay finally saffron and pepper.

Cazzilli / Crochhè

Potato croquettes shaped oval seasoned with parsley and mint and fried in hot oil. Serve alone or with fritters.


Squared/ rectangular  Pancakes fatat with chickpea flour and water then fried in hot oil parsley. They are usually served in the middle of the bread.


Pizza Palermo. It ‘a very soft focaccia seasoned with onion, tomatoes, anchovies, oregano bread crumbs and cheese into small pieces.


is ‘the queen of street food inPalermo, famous throughout the world, it is a rice ball with saffron, breaded with bread crumbs and fried in hot oil. The classic is filled with meat sauce and peas, butter  ham and mozzarella, but today there are many variations.


Lamb entrails or veal seasoned with parsley and cooked on the grill along with shallots, served hot with lemon.


During your stay in Palermo you don’t have to judge ever the street food without tasting it first: it will surprise you !!


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