Palermo with view

Cupola del Ss.Salvatore
Quattro Canti
Piazza Pretoria
Fontana della Vergogna

An authorized tourist guide, but especially a palermitan lover of art and of her own
city, will introduce you to another face of Palermo showing you from new perspectives.
With the passing of the hours you will be captured by the warm atmospheres of the sunset colors that kiss the profiles of the buildings, tinging them with charm.

Duration of the route around 4h. We recommend wearing comfortable shoes.

Duration: 4h
Meeting point: parvis of the Cathedral of Palermo
Language: Italian, English, French
Path: on foot
Participants: minimum 4


Simona Sciortino Guida Turistica Tel. +39 3334586511

Tour description
The itinerary begins with a visit to the Cathedral of Palermo, built in 1185 by will
of Archbishop Gualtiero Offamilio and modified several times over the centuries.
For pluristratification
of architectural and decorative elements that characterize it is proposed as direct testimony and
evocative of the historical and artistic history that has affected Palermo over the centuries, linked to the
passage of the various dominations that came to Sicily and left their mark on the place
symbol par excellence of religious power.
We will climb on the roofs of the Cathedral, from which we could
admire the elegant towers of the XIII century, the refined lava stone decorations and the various elements architectural elements added over the centuries.

Following is a visit to the Church of the Ss Salvatore, a baroque building with an elliptical plan surmounted by an imposing dome from which another glimpse opens from the top of the city.

We will continue in the direction of the Quattro Canti octagonal square designed in 1608 by the architect Florentine Giuseppe Lasso to frame and embellish the most important urban planning intervention made in Palermo in the modern age: the cutting of the Via Maqueda and the cross of streets that came to create between this and the via Toledo (current Corso Vittorio Emanuele) at the end of the sixteenth century.

Following Piazza Pretoria with its fountain, an impressive mannerist work created by the sculptor
Tuscan Francesco Camilliani, purchased by the Senate of Palermo in 1573 to qualify the square
overlooking the Palazzo Senatorio.
The itinerary ends with an aperitif in one of the most exclusive cocktail bars in Palermo, with view.

Simona Sciortino
Tel. +39 333 4586511

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